Preparing Your Hookah for the Best Smoking Experience

hookahWhether you’re in our lounge or at home, preparing your shisha, or tobacco, for hookah smoking can be an art. Each time you prepare your hookah, the process will become easier and easier, allowing you to sit back, relax and exhale. Make sure to follow these steps to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your home hookah.

Mixing Your Tobacco

First, you’ll want to mix your tobacco evenly. You can feel free to mix certain flavors and experiment. For example, you can mix strawberry and banana to get a unique tasting experience. However, you’ll truly want to focus on covering all of the tobacco with flavoring and molasses. Some shisha comes packed tightly in its own juices, so you can use a quality brand of your choosing.

Preparing the Bowl

Break up your tobacco and place it loosely in the hookah bowl. Be careful not to pack it in. You will want to allow enough space for airflow. Also, be sure that the shisha does not touch the foil. If it does, it may create an unpleasant taste.

Preparing the Foil

Your foil sits on top of the screen. Any sheet of foil will do. Press the foil firmly and carefully on top of the bowl. Poke holes in the top. Typically, you’ll want anywhere from 50-100 holes. This is to make sure that the hookah coals can heat the shisha.

All of these steps, if followed properly, can create the relaxing hookah smoking experience that you’ve been craving. But you don’t have to prepare your hookah yourself. Come into Lux Lounge and let us create the experience for you.


Join Us for Tropical Fridays

ImageEvery Friday, we have a special on our popular tropical flavors. With pineapple heads for $20 and orange to-go heads for only $9 each, it’s easy to relax and save on your Friday night out with friends. Not only that, but these flavors offer a different experience for hookah smokers.

The pineapple flavor provides a juicy rind flavor, not necessarily like pineapple candy. It produces a big, thick, white cloud of smoke on even the smallest of inhales. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out this review!

The orange flavor creates an entirely different experience as well. It’s just a good as the pineapple, but gives a little bit more of a classic hookah flavor. Our orange heads keep you smoking all night long.

Come in this Friday and try something tropical! In addition to orange and pineapple heads, we also offer watermelon, grapefruit and our classic, traditional flavor. It’s time to try something new. Come in and join us at Lux Lounge!

Adding Hookah to the Party

hookahFor every type of party, the hookah has a place. Whether you’re still celebrating the holidays, or simply want a way to bring people together, a hookah can be the answer.  Not only that, but it provides something fun that nearly anyone can do. Hookah bars are also great at keeping everyone safe, providing a completely sober, yet enjoyable atmosphere.

Hookahs are great conversation starters. Especially if you’re entertaining a group of people who you may not know very well, hookahs can spark a lot of chatter. Ask your new friends about their past smoking experiences or their shisha flavor preferences. Hookahs bring a certain mood to a party that makes everyone relax.

Hookahs also keep everyone safe on the roads. Going to a hookah bar is a great way to safe on the street while others may be partying with beer and liquor. It’s still just as much fun, and creates a great mood for your guests.

Our hookahs are specially made to accommodate your group of friends. Come to Lux Lounge, the largest hookah lounge in Michigan, and find the best place to party!

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Show Off Your Smoke Tricks

Smoke tricks can be difficult to do for some, but they’re a great way to entertain your friends when you’re hanging around the lounge. There are several different tricks to choose from, so if you can’t do one, there are plenty of others to try. Try these tips to start showing off your tricks with your friends.

ImageSmoke Rings

Smoke rings are difficult to pull of, but if you can do it, it sure does look cool. First, take a nice long drag. But don’t inhale. Make your mouth into an “O” shape and curl your lips around your teeth. Then cough a bit through your throat, just a little cough. You should be seeing rings soon. If not, make sure that you’re making the “O” shape with your mouth, and not an almond shape. Keep trying until you get it down perfect!


Take in a medium drag. Don’t inhale. Let the smoke linger in your mouth. Tuck your upper lip in and stick your bottom lip out. Now, the smoke can travel between your nose and mouth, creating a cool waterfall to impress your friends.

ImageFrench Inhale

Take in a medium drag. Don’t inhale. Let the smoke linger in your mouth. Then curl your bottom lip over the top one. Then slowly exhale, and push the smoke out gently with your tongue. Inhale through your nose. This trick is easier for some than others. Some people even say that it may be the hardest trick to perform. Keep practicing, and eventually, you’ll get it down.

For more smoke tricks, tips and visuals, check out the wikiHow, and stop by to Lux Hookah Lounge in West Bloomfield, MI. We are proud to be one of the largest hookah lounges in the state of Michigan.

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Trying New Shisha Flavors

ImageYou may be surprised and even overwhelmed by how many Starbuzz shisha flavors we have. Surprisingly, most hookah smokers stick to Starbuzz shisha tobacco because of their leeriness of other flavors. However, you may be even more surprised at how many flavors can suit your taste buds.

Here are just a few of some of our popular favorites:

Blue Mist – One of the best selling Starbuzz flavors ever! It’s light and sweet, almost just like cotton candy. It’s a very popular choice to start off with.

Blue Surfer – With tropical fruits and cool mint, blue surfer is a tropical, billowy superhero in our lounge.

Candy – What’s your favorite hard candy? This shisha blends together pineapple and banana to create a sugary, smoky goodness.

Coco Jumbo – This is a fantastic blend of lime and coconut. Just like the Harry Nilsson song, we like to smoke it all up!

Code 69 – If you like fruit punch, then this flavor is for you. It’s citrusy, tart and deliciously good!

Code Blue – This flavor is similar to blue mist, but with a chocolate after taste. Many people have said that its taste is similar to a Tootsie Roll.

Grape Freeze – It has a sweet, minty grape flavor. However, it’s more grape than mint.

For a full list of our shisha and flavor options, please visit our website, or come in and see us! We strive to give you the best hookah experience that Michigan has to offer.

Know Your Hookah Types

There are so many different hookah types it’s hard to know which is which. With this guide to just some of our favorite types of hookahs, you can be the hookah expert and tell all of your friends which one is best to use. From traditional Egyptian to modern hookahs, we have all the information you need to select and start smoking!

Egyptian Hookah

Egyptian Hookah

In Egypt, a hookah is commonly referred to as a “shisha.” It was in Egypt where hookahs were originally made and perfected. Now, because of their hard work and craftsmanship, everyone is able to enjoy quality hookah smoking.

Khalil Mamoon Hookah

Khalil Mamoon

Khalil Mamoon, an Egyptian type of hookah, is one of the most recognizable names in the hookah world. They’re known for their unique hoses and authentic craftsmanship.

Magdy Zidan Hookah

magdy zidan

Magdy Zidan Hookahs are also a popular type that is known worldwide for its superb finish and design. Each hookah is individually handcrafted in Egypt. Sleek, smooth and made in a variety of colors and sizes, these hookahs make ideal smoking companions.

Rotating Hookah

Rotating Hookah

Rotating hookahs are perfect for group settings. With these, you will avoid messy and tangled hoses. These are also known as “spinning” hookahs. Most types can rotate a full 360 degrees.

Modern Hookah


Modern hookahs are most chosen for personal hookah smoking experiences. However, they are made in a variety of sizes. Each one is stylish, sleek, and crafted specifically for the personal user.

Come to Lux Lounge in West Bloomfield, MI to relax with friends at a premiere hookah lounge in an upscale atmosphere! Call (248) 661-1300 for more information!


Be a Part of the Tradition of Hookah

Hookahs are a part of an ancient tradition. It’s true. According to Cyril Elgood and Encyclopedia Iranica, hookahs were originally invented in India. The physician Irfan Shaikh brought the idea to the Mughal emperor in 1542 AD. However, there are all types of different countries that have picked up the tradition as well.

Hookahs are everywhere. People are smoking out of them in the Middle East, South Asia, India, Pakistan, Bangledesh, Nepal, Africa, the United States and Canada. In most of these countries, people smoked out of water pipes as a part of their religion or culture. It was seen as a social activity, ritual, or something that brings people together. Hookahs are often used at parties as a treat for celebrations.

It has also been seen as a custom of the wealthy. However, now it’s simply viewed as a luxurious activity. Join us for a luxurious activity that has deep roots in tradition and custom. We can’t wait to have you try our variety of flavored shishas.