Trying New Shisha Flavors

ImageYou may be surprised and even overwhelmed by how many Starbuzz shisha flavors we have. Surprisingly, most hookah smokers stick to Starbuzz shisha tobacco because of their leeriness of other flavors. However, you may be even more surprised at how many flavors can suit your taste buds.

Here are just a few of some of our popular favorites:

Blue Mist – One of the best selling Starbuzz flavors ever! It’s light and sweet, almost just like cotton candy. It’s a very popular choice to start off with.

Blue Surfer – With tropical fruits and cool mint, blue surfer is a tropical, billowy superhero in our lounge.

Candy – What’s your favorite hard candy? This shisha blends together pineapple and banana to create a sugary, smoky goodness.

Coco Jumbo – This is a fantastic blend of lime and coconut. Just like the Harry Nilsson song, we like to smoke it all up!

Code 69 – If you like fruit punch, then this flavor is for you. It’s citrusy, tart and deliciously good!

Code Blue – This flavor is similar to blue mist, but with a chocolate after taste. Many people have said that its taste is similar to a Tootsie Roll.

Grape Freeze – It has a sweet, minty grape flavor. However, it’s more grape than mint.

For a full list of our shisha and flavor options, please visit our website, or come in and see us! We strive to give you the best hookah experience that Michigan has to offer.