Be a Part of the Tradition of Hookah

Hookahs are a part of an ancient tradition. It’s true. According to Cyril Elgood and Encyclopedia Iranica, hookahs were originally invented in India. The physician Irfan Shaikh brought the idea to the Mughal emperor in 1542 AD. However, there are all types of different countries that have picked up the tradition as well.

Hookahs are everywhere. People are smoking out of them in the Middle East, South Asia, India, Pakistan, Bangledesh, Nepal, Africa, the United States and Canada. In most of these countries, people smoked out of water pipes as a part of their religion or culture. It was seen as a social activity, ritual, or something that brings people together. Hookahs are often used at parties as a treat for celebrations.

It has also been seen as a custom of the wealthy. However, now it’s simply viewed as a luxurious activity. Join us for a luxurious activity that has deep roots in tradition and custom. We can’t wait to have you try our variety of flavored shishas.