Show Off Your Smoke Tricks

Smoke tricks can be difficult to do for some, but they’re a great way to entertain your friends when you’re hanging around the lounge. There are several different tricks to choose from, so if you can’t do one, there are plenty of others to try. Try these tips to start showing off your tricks with your friends.

ImageSmoke Rings

Smoke rings are difficult to pull of, but if you can do it, it sure does look cool. First, take a nice long drag. But don’t inhale. Make your mouth into an “O” shape and curl your lips around your teeth. Then cough a bit through your throat, just a little cough. You should be seeing rings soon. If not, make sure that you’re making the “O” shape with your mouth, and not an almond shape. Keep trying until you get it down perfect!


Take in a medium drag. Don’t inhale. Let the smoke linger in your mouth. Tuck your upper lip in and stick your bottom lip out. Now, the smoke can travel between your nose and mouth, creating a cool waterfall to impress your friends.

ImageFrench Inhale

Take in a medium drag. Don’t inhale. Let the smoke linger in your mouth. Then curl your bottom lip over the top one. Then slowly exhale, and push the smoke out gently with your tongue. Inhale through your nose. This trick is easier for some than others. Some people even say that it may be the hardest trick to perform. Keep practicing, and eventually, you’ll get it down.

For more smoke tricks, tips and visuals, check out the wikiHow, and stop by to Lux Hookah Lounge in West Bloomfield, MI. We are proud to be one of the largest hookah lounges in the state of Michigan.

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